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Get Your Game On!


I love games and I love competition (as are most of you already know). My birthday is a perfect excuse to make my friends play fun games with me!

If you’ve been to my parties in the past you know I half make up whatever we are playing and half incorporate cool games I have seen done. This year I am feeling like I would like to play CAMP STYLE GAMES and I’d like to incorporate WATER (as in you might get wet playing the games… think relay races and obstacle course style games). I hope you are down for whatever crazy I come up with!

————————————————-PRE-GAME DAY——————————-——————
This is a couples competition so you need a team of two to participate (you don’t have to be married). Come up with:

2. MATCHING GAME DAY OUTFITS. Don’t let the outfits stress you out… just make something work… it’s supposed to be fun.

Please post your team name on this event page or send it to me via email as I need to pre-make the game board to keep score.

————————————————-GAME DAY RULES——————————-——————
1. Teams will take part in a series of games competing for points.

2. Some games will require that you play as a team. Others will require that you choose one person on your team to compete. And yet other games will have you working with other teams as a group to try to win.

3. If you win a game you will earn a predetermined number of points for your team. We will let you know the point value of each of the games prior to starting.

4. Your team must attempt all games. No sore losers.

5. The team with the most points at the end of the night wins the Grand Prize: Date Night Out with Brian and Me on us!

Love, The Great Griffins.

——————————-——————MEET THE TEAMS——————————-——————

IMG_0640A IMG_0635A IMG_0637A IMG_0638A IMG_0641A IMG_0644A IMG_0645A IMG_0647A IMG_0649A IMG_0652A IMG_0653A IMG_0655A

Missing photo’s of three sweet teams: Warrior Williards, Crumdiddilyumpcious and the Go Get Em’ Guevara’s

——————————-——————MEET THE GAMES——————————-——————

Summer Games 2012 logo
4 Teams vs. 4 Teams

  • Each team connects by holding hands.
  • Each team gets a hula hoop.
  • On the word “go” each team must move the hula hoop down the line.
  • To do this, participants must move their arms, shoulders, legs and bodies to make the hoop travel from one person to the next down the line.
  • At no point may any of the participants break their grasp on their teammates’ hands.
  • The first team to move the hula hoop all the way down the line and back to the start wins.

IMG_0656 IMG_0659

CHILLAX: 3 Teams vs. 3 Teams

  • To play, form teams of at least 6 people.
  • Each team lines up and gets an ice cube.
  • The first person in each line rubs the ice until his hands get too cold.
  • Then he passes it to the next person in line.
  • She rubs it until her hands get too cold. Keep passing their ice until it melts.
  • The first team to melt their ice wins.

IMG_0669 IMG_0668

WALKING ON MARS: 3 Teams vs. 3 Teams

  • We are an advanced team of astronauts who have landed on Mars. We headed out on an Explorer Craft to gather information about the planet. On our trip out explorer craft went down. We must now cross the surface of Mars from your disabled explorer craft to your Space Shuttle.
  • Use powered insulators to shield the astronauts on your team from the acidic surface (aka. five gallon buckets). If an astronaut touches Mars’ surface, he will cause his team to move back two insulated spaces.
  • The first team to make it all the way back to the space shuttle wins. 
  • The kicker is that each team of astronauts has six people on it and you can only locate five powered insulators.

IMG_0672 IMG_0676IMG_0678 IMG_0679IMG_0685 IMG_0709 IMG_0687 IMG_0698 IMG_0700 IMG_0707

TUG OF WAR: 4 Teams vs. 4 Teams

  • Do not wrap the rope around your wrist.
  • Do not sit on the floor as you pull back.
  • Do not straddle the rope (put it between your legs).
  • First team to get the opposing team to cross their mark over the center wins. 

IMG_0666 IMG_0661 IMG_0662 IMG_0665    IMG_0664A IMG_0663


  • Make a diamond shape formation with 9 five gallon buckets. Assign point values to each bucket. The center bucket is worth 100 points, the next layer of buckets is worth 50 points and the outermost layer of buckets is worth 25 points. 
  • Each team gets five balls and five shots to make the most total points possible.
  • The team with the highest point total wins.
  • In the event of a tie a shoot-out will be held and then the team with the highest points wins. 

IMG_0728 IMG_0726

Riddle #1: I do love the holidays…

You will know that I am coming
From the jingle of my bell,
But exactly who I am is not an easy thing to tell.

Children, they adore me
for they find me jolly,
but I do not see them when the halls are decked with holly.

My job often leaves me frozen,
I am a man that all should know,
But I do not do business in times of sleet or ice or snow.

I travel much on business,
But no reindeer haul me around,
I do all my traveling firmly on the ground.

I love the time of Christmas,
But that’s not my vocational season,
And I assure that is because of a sound economic reason.

IMG_0718 IMG_0711

Riddle #2: In Thyme But Not in Time…

My first is in riddle, but not in little.
My second is in think, but not in brink.
My third is in thyme, but not in time.
My fourth is in mother, but not in brother.
My last is in time, but not in climb.

What am I?

IMG_0717 IMG_0712

Riddle #3: Number Logic

Arrange the numbers 1 through 9 on a tic-tac-toe board such that the numbers in each row, column, and diagonal add up to 15.

IMG_0713 IMG_0714

Riddle Me This- Answers
Riddle 1: The Ice Cream Man
Riddle 2: Rhyme (Hint: What does this puzzle do?)
Riddle 3:
4, 3, 8,
9, 5, 1,
2, 7, 6,


  • The goal is to be the fast team to retrieve both your team flags the finish line.
  • If you step on a bomb, get tagged by either a person or a bomb you must freeze and count loudly to the number five. Then continue moving. You cannot get tagged twice by the same defender.
  • If you get sprayed or hit by a noodle on the second leg of the course you can keep moving. That is just for fun.
  • Move carefully and watch your footing.
  • The team to retrieve both flags the fastest wins. 

IMG_0730 IMG_0738IMG_0733 IMG_0743IMG_0740 IMG_0732


IMG_0765 IMG_0763

#22. Christmas in the Summer Party

It’s 83 degree’s outside in sunny El Cajon… but the inside of our Griffin house just got a makeover fit for Winter. Shhh! Daddy’s at work, Eliann is at the SD Fair and the boys are napping…

Twas six months before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, except for a silly Mommy tip-toeing around like a mouse,
The stockings are hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that the Christmas in the Summer Party would be hosted there…

Yes my kids really wanted to add Winter items to our Summer Bucket List (like make a gingerbread house and see the snow) which Brian veto’d until I came up with the compromise of a Christmas in the Summer Party.

I didn’t tell anyone it would be today…
and as of now only my family is able to play…
but this morning I found out that Christmas is exactly six months away!


I am going to wrap up some gifts for them to open: Brian- a bible… so he can read us the Christmas story at dinner time (which is still Taco Tuesday at our house bahaha I can’t work my magic on everything), Eliann- a reindeer game (she loves games so I am going to host a special game for the kids to play tonight), David- a gingerbread house making kit (I always buy an extra one on sale after Christmas to save), and Pierce- the movie Elf (because he just loves walking around leaving DVD cases all over the house and of course we’ll end the night watching the movie). The gift of baby Jesus and the salvation he brings to the world is one to rejoice in year round so why not celebrate today?!


David and Pierce got up and were so confused and excited… it was awesome… plus David is like, “Who could have done this we were all sleeping?!” He already peeked in all the stockings. Lol. Pierce keeps pointing to the tree and saying “Whoa” I think the lights are mesmerizing him a little bit. We are going to watch a Christmas special from one of our favorite shows now. I love that Daddy and Eliann still don’t know.

Brian got home before Eliann did and I happened to be in the garage… so of course I didn’t say anything as he walked past me to enter the house. I could here him exclaim, “Oh my gosh!” Then he walked back in the garage and said, “You are crazy! You know this is crazy right?!” Lol. The look on his face was priceless… I love that although he thought I was crazy he was still a little excited to celebrate.

Eliann got home later then expected because of traffic leaving the fair but she was like “What?! Today is our Christmas Party?” She knew immediately why the decorations would have been up since it was half her idea to plan something like this when we first made our Summer Bucket List. After she jumped up and down for a bit she quickly joined us in watching the movie Elf. Since it was late we had no other choice but to enjoy some of the other gift the next day. Brian read the Christmas story from the book of Luke to us before we called it a night.



DSCN0236  DSCN0101  DSCN0238

The next day when Daddy got home from work we watch a cartoon version of The Christmas Carol and built our Great Griffin Gingerbread House!



Marghee’s 27th Birthday!


The day before my 27th birthday Brian so lovingly reminded me that I only had a couple of hours left in my mid-twenties… tomorrow I would enter my late-twenties. For those of you who know me and my feeling about aging… I was having a moment. Needless to say my birthday turned out pretty great, in spite of the fact that it landed on a Monday and that my actual birthday party isn’t for another two weeks.


1. Started my day off great because the kids threw me a party in their room with decorations and a gift and everything!
2. Then the day got a little shaky with a sick baby and the cleaning up of the sick baby sickies all over the place. Boo.
3. Threw a little pity party spurred on by my older two children who were like “Mom, this is not a fun way to spend your birthday,” and deep down I was screaming I KNOW! It’s my birthday I can cry if I want to (well I suppose I didn’t actually cry).
4. Got a surprise fun phone call from the ladies at Moms Inc. who remembered it was my birthday and noticed I wasn’t there which lifted my spirits. Got lots of other phone calls throughout the day too… thanks friends!
5. Decided to take matters into my own hands and think of some fun. Called the yummy cheesy pizza place we like Marechiaro’s Italian Restaurant and placed a to go order (don’t need sickies happening to me at the restaurant).
6. Brought the pizza back home and ate it on the patio.  

DSCN0370  DSCN0373  DSCN0382

7. Put Pierce to sleep and me and the big kids decided to have a race… jump on all the beds at our house and Grandma and Grandpa’s house (sorry Bob and Ann hehe) then last one in the pool was a rotten egg!
8. Took jumping pictures diving into the pool.


9. Brian came home with surprise cupcakes from Heavenly Cupcakes… yummy red velvet.
10. Enjoyed a chorus of Happy Birthday to me!


11. Dropped off the kids and used a surprise gift card to Outback Steakhouse (thanks Barrows!) and had the delicious Wedge Salad I had been craving.

DSCN0450  DSCN0462  DSCN0455

12. Looked into taking dance classes and perused the Christian bookstore.
13. Went to the movies to watch Monsters University (first time for Brian and second time for me… yeah its that good go watch it).

DSCN0479  DSCN0482  DSCN0470

14. Came home moved the sleeping kids back over to our house.
15. About to call it a night but not before reporting back to all my family and friends about my day and saying THANKS for all the loving birthday posts and phone calls/text.

Can’t wait for my actual birthday party in two weeks: Get Your Game On!

As a gift for my birthday… Brian purchased the website for me and thus began our family blogging journey.