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Big Hats and Bunco

I love BUNCO! If you don’t know what it is… you are missing out of some serious fun. Now I don’t buy into the fact that BUNCO is just for the ladies… granted most of the time I have played it’s been with gals but still there is nothing inherently female about it. Except of course when you throw in hot pink zebra print and fuzzy dice… I guess we’ve made it into a pretty sweet Ladies Night In!

IMG_7730  IMG_7733  IMG_7713

This time around our BUNCO Ladies Night was being thrown for the very specific purpose of bonding a group of our Thursday Night Young Married women. We have all attended Young Marrieds Cafe with our spouses for a while and yet there hasn’t been a whole lot of mingling between the small group tables that exist. A simple solution to getting the ball rolling (or shall I say dice rolling) is to bring the group together outside of church and facilitate some fun friendly competiton.

We threw in a fun theme of course because when I first hatched this idea of hosting another BUNCO Ladies Night it was Derby Season at the Del Mar Race Tracks so I could already imagine the awesome group picture of all of us wearing BIG derby style hats to our BUNCO night. Hence our fantastic theme: BIG HATS and BUNCO!

We were also fortunate enough to have a cause to play for this time around. We have been blessed by a great missionary couple Issa and Abi Haddad for about 6 months as they have faithfully attended our Young Married’s group while preparing to go back to Jordan. All the money we raised (and more) went to supporting their missions work.



Last Week of Summer Vacation: Day 5


It’s Friday! The last Friday of Summer Vacation so we had to make it an -unbelievable one… Funbelievable to be exact! Funbelievable is an Indoor Play and Party Center near our home and the biggest plus today was that it is air conditioned. Cue Santana guitar and… it’s a hot one… like seven inches from the mid-day sun… seriously, not to mention the humidity. Wow. So to escape the heat we joined our friends for the morning at Funbelievable. Three hours of climbing, sliding and throwing fun… check!

IMG_8990   IMG_8996  IMG_8991   IMG_9001  IMG_8994  IMG_8993  IMG_8999


Did I already mention it’s been HOT?! Well it has. So to beat the heat once we came home from Funbelievable we ran around in the sprinklers per the kiddos request. It was pretty entertaining especially because Pierce couldn’t make up his mind if he was into getting wet by the sprinkler or not.

IMG_5042IMG_5045  IMG_5058  IMG_5075


After sprinkler action we dried off and took naps. After naps I caught David and Pierce having the sweetest play time ever… rolling cars around together on the floor. Such a boy thing to do and I caught both my boys doing it together. It was a sweet moment not because they don’t play well… but because only recently has Pierce become a playmate to his older siblings. Before this month he was just around… just a baby… doing baby things… minding his baby gettingintoeverythingmakingamess business. But all of a sudden I have noticed he wants to participate with the older kids games. It has been really neat to watch my older kids try to incorporate him into their action.



Last Week of Summer Vacation: Day 4


Today is the fun day each year we drive out to La Jolla to grab Sprinkles Cupcakes as a Back To School treat. The tradition started two years ago before Eliann started Kindergarten. We drove out to La Jolla to the nearest Pottery Barn Kids to buy her first back pack for school! Since we made the drive we opted to sneak a treat at Sprinkles Cupcakes- one of our favorite treats.

2011- Kindergarten

August 2011 027  August 2011 031  August 2011 040 August 2011 043  August 2011 045

2012 First Grade & Pre-School

In 2012 Eliann entered First Grade and David would start his first year of Pre-School. We decided that we would not buy new back packs every year and that is why we invested in a good quality back pack from Pottery Barn the year before. We did, however, still want to keep the Sprinkles Cupcakes tradition alive so we all drove out to enjoy the treat for Back to School. There may have been an incident with Pierce grabbing and devouring David’s cupcake while I was grabbing napkins. Justice was served and David was given another cupcake.

August 2012 1438    August 2012 1467August 2012 1489    August 2012 1609August 2012 1627  August 2012 1795  August 2012 1808 

2013 Second Grade and Pre-School 

This year Eliann will start Second Grade and David will wrap up his last year of Pre-School. As promised Eliann got to choose a new back pack for school this year so we headed to Pottery Barn Kids.

IMG_8957  IMG_8964  IMG_8969

After she chose her new back pack for school we headed over to Sprinkles Cupcakes for our delicious and much anticipated treat. Thankfully no cupcake stealing went down this year… in fact Pierce tried to use a knife and fork on his own cupcake.

IMG_8974  IMG_8975  IMG_8976IMG_8977 IMG_8988  IMG_8989  IMG_8986

Yeah, I pretty much just use my hands too Pierce. Lol. Yummy Back to School Traditions! What are some of your Back to School traditions?