Monthly Archives: March 2015

Happy Monday!

Today was a first for me…

… although I have been a Mom for over 8 years, and surely I have been rushing out the door more times that I can even begin to count, NEVER HAVE I EVER (that is a fun game to play) left my house without doing absolutely anything to my hair or my face!

Like… I didn’t have time to put on my contacts… the first sure sign my morning was a chaotic one when you still see me wearing my glasses at the drop off when I take my kids to school.

Like… I took a shower (a miracle some days in and of itself) late last night and my hair dried in a wonderful crinkly pillow shape around my head and I didn’t even think to quickly grab a pony-tail to pull it back… or quickly run a brush through the top so my little postpartum baby hairs that are finally growing back weren’t sticking straight up!

Like… my face was in its barest state… no moisturizer… no lip balm… no oil absorbing powder… at best there was a little left over eyeliner from yesterday that survived my shower and my night of sleep smudged under my eyes, but other than that…


I am a pretty confident person, don’t get me wrong. Some days I have just had to rock the glasses all day, the unwashed hair in a pony, the same clothes I wore the day before because ain’t-nobody-got-time-to-pick-a-new-outfit-that-looks-cute-for-the-second-day-in-a-row when you know you wont see the same people who saw you in the outfit the day before… today. Can I get an amen?!

But to have this tri-fecta of unready-ness and not realize how you look until you pull up to your kids school and see yourself in the reflection of your car door… it’s just not right! OH!… and of course this is one of the days you have to walk them to their classroom and check them in… so I couldn’t just hide in my car and go through the round about for drop off.


“Hi Miss Heather. I was feeling pretty good about my ability to get out the door quickly this morning, until I saw myself in the car window just now and realized I had to come in and actually have you see me like this.”

You see what had happened was… I had like 30 minutes to get all four of my kids to eat breakfast and get dressed and get their lunches and get them out the door to school… and the small window of time I allotted to get myself ready to head out the door was consumed with the cleaning of the tiniest member of my family’s bottom and her unbelievable blowout… so I had to clean her and the mess and get her dressed again in a new outfit… and all it left time for was for me to throw on some clothes this morning and run out the door. So let’s just be thankful I am wearing clothes!

Don’t get me started about the only 30 minutes… yes, I fell back to sleep when I nursed my little lady this morning and my alarm had already rang so there was nothing to wake me up again other than the sound of my oldest flushing the toilet when she naturally woke up and went potty at 7:27 this morning!

[This reminds of another time I had a horrible realization and it was too late… I took a nap in the middle of the day and woke up to the horror that my kids had gotten out of school like 15min earlier and I hadn’t even left my house! So I got up, grabbed my then youngest, threw him in the car and rushed towards my kids school only to realize I was only wearing a sports bra under my oversized ‘working all day on domestic duties’ sweater as I am already driving… and we all know my ladies need all the help they can get. That was a fun day too. Because I was so late picking up my kids,  I had to get down and pick them up from the office. Thankfully I carried my youngest and hid behind his body while I grabbed my older two… and at least that day my hair was pulled back and I had my contacts on… so you know it worked out.]

So… HAPPY MONDAY friends!

Here is to everyone who has had to leave the house looking a hot mess and still had to get on with the day because that is just how things roll some mornings.