Gelato Festival in Naples

Whoo! Today was a fun day attending the Gelato Festival in Naples with our friends the Wilkins’ Family. It is a touring festival, travelling both around Italy and Europe for 5 months, and visiting 9 different cities… including Naples! For four adults to try all the 14 flavors at the festival (8 flavors that are competing, plus 6 other unique and original flavors) was €23. Kids twelve and under were free to try as much as their parents would allow. Got to love that kids are free for most things in Italy.


Once you pay you get a ticket like this called “The Gelato Card” to visit three specialty food trucks created for the festival to house all the different flavors featured this year.


Apparently if you are hardcore, you can fill out this card and turn it in to vote for the best Italian and foreign ice cream makers for this years festival. We just wanted to eat gelato so we weren’t focused on the judging.


We walked around and stood in quick lines to try a sample of the flavors. Now the scoops were small and cute in there baby sized cones… which may seem disappointing… but let me tell you they were the perfect size for the kids and adults alike when you consider how many flavors you could try.

IMG_6917 IMG_6919IMG_7131IMG_6940IMG_7059 IMG_7055

Our friend Beth’s goal was to try something crazy… and crazy we found! One of the gelato options was a spumoni style serving of tomato, mozzerella and basil flavored gelato… yes they actually tasted just like you’d think those flavors would taste… but in the unnatural consistency of cold gelato. I’ll let their faces tell the tale of how it tasted.


Nope. Nope. Nope.

Our favorite flavor by far was the original Buontalenti- a cream based specialty flavor which “in the late 1500s, the Medici family commissioned famous artist and architect Bernardo Buontalenti to prepare a beautiful feast for the visiting King of Spain. Using his culinary skills to present an elaborate and visually pleasing display, Buontalenti presented the King of Spain with a creamy frozen dessert that we now call gelato. Buontalenti is considered the inventor of gelato.”

IMG_6967IMG_7133 IMG_6966

It tasted heavenly with just the perfect amount of sweet creamy-ness. We got gelato-ed out… but #ohbrian was determined to at least try all the flavors which led to this binge at the end.


Probably equally as fun as trying all the gelato was the discovery of this amazing little park just a stone throw away from the festival. The kids ran around and climbed to their hearts content burning off all the gelato calories. We agreed that this was the nicest park we’ve seen in Italy. Believe it or not parks are hard to come by… especially parks that are relatively clean and aren’t runned down.

IMG_7073IMG_7075IMG_7100IMG_7078 IMG_7083 IMG_7088IMG_7086IMG_7103IMG_7108IMG_7099

On the way back to the parking garage (another €12 to park… making this only a €25 day of fun #daveramseyapproved) we hit a stand where the kids could try to kick a goal to win a soccer ball… well these people were supper generous and essentially just handed all the bambinos a ball for any kind of kick. Ha!


What a fantastic day to enjoy the festival! It is still going on tomorrow May 22nd from 12-10pm if you haven’t had the chance to enjoy.


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