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Family Looks: Nautical w. Yellow Accents


If you didn’t know, I love coordinating my family in a matching color scheme whenever possible… but mostly it ends up happening on Holidays and celebrations. This last month was Pierce’s birthday. He turned two years old! I went with a classic nautical look and pop’s of yellows for his birthday outfit.


I got my other kids in on the action with outfits they already had in their wardrobe.


I loved the color scheme… so I decided to piece together a whole blog post to finish the Family Look! On the first Monday of every month I hope to present a new Matchy Monday post with a new Family Looks Color Scheme. It’s just something I enjoy piecing together and I know other families do too because I am always asked about how I come up with coordinated outfits for the family when we are composed of so many different sizes and genders. If anything maybe we’ll come up with some good Family Looks to choose from for our Christmas Cards by then end of the year… in case that is the only time of year you try to coordinate.

So here it goes! Scroll down if you just want to see the Family Looks’ outfits. A couple of things about my shopping habits you might want to know:

  1. I shop where most everyone (with a budget) shops for clothes… Target, Gymboree, Old Navy, Gap, Macy’s, JCPenny… basically stores you would find at a local mall.
  2. I have recently had to branch out to shopping online… it started with my daughters wardrobe (which has led to other family finds) because she entered a new clothing section at most big-box stores and I don’t really appreciate the selection available to little girls ages 6-12 in those sections. I want my 7 year old to dress like a little girl NOT like a teenager (especially not a loud hoochie one). Some of my favorite online shopping sites right now are: and because they regularly bring in new vendors (which means fresh selections) and I just love the looks and deals they feature.
  3. I am not particular about where I shop per say, but I am particular about how the clothes look. A couple of examples: I don’t like characters or sayings on clothing and I don’t like “bling” on clothing. If you like those types of clothing that’s great… it’s simply not what I prefer to buy for my family. I just have a look I like… so I will buy it if it is a good deal no matter where it is from.
  4. I have a clothing budget. There are five people in my family (soon to be six) so I have to shop as thriftily as possible. I try to make outfits work for multiple occasions and buying in color schemes allows for the most mix and match options for my Family Looks. I don’t buy my youngest new clothes as often as my oldest because we do believe in hand-me-downs, so unless I am coordinating a Family Look, I am typically buying when new items are needed (for reasons like wear and tear) or sizes have been outgrown (which with three young kids there is no escaping that this does happen regularly).
  5. I don’t spend a lot of money or attention on bottoms. Pants and shorts are basically jeans and khakis and that is it. Especially with the kids bottoms. $5 jeans at Target? I say yes. They get the most wear and tear anyway. So I wont ever fuss about bottoms on these posts. It will mostly be tops and dresses that get my attention and pull a Family Look together. Bottoms should be staple pieces that can be mixed and matched with any top.
  6. My Family Looks typically begin with the kids clothes in mind because they vary the most in sizes and by gender.
  7. I will only post about items you can currently buy in stores. I would hate to love a look and then realize I can’t buy the items to piece together what I liked.

As you continue reading just remember these are some of MY shopping habits and my opinion/taste may be different than yours, which is okay. This is just what works for me and my family with regards to coordinating a Family Look.

FAMILY LOOKS: Nautical with Yellow Accents

Like I mentioned above, my Family Looks begin with my kids clothes in mind. Here are the overall kids looks in this color scheme that I found on the market right now. As you can see Pierce’s Birthday Outfit is in the mix.


Let’s break it down a little further though starting with the Boys.



  1. Toddler Boys’ Long Sleeve Striped Tee (Target $10)
  2. Stripe Henley (Gymboree Sale $15.99)
  3. Toddler Boys’ Striped Henley Shirt (Target $10)
  4. Toddler Boys’ Short-Sleeve Plaid Buttondown (Target $10)
  5. Toddler Boys’ Jean- Dark Blue (Target Clearance $4.25)
  6. Poplin Roll-Up Pants (Old Navy $16.94)
  7. Toddler Boys’ Jean Short- Dark Blue (Target Clearance $2.98)
  8. Chino Cargo Shorts (Gymboree Sale $17.47)


Baby Boy

  1. Plaid Poplin Shirt (Old Navy $14.94)
  2. Sailboat-Graphic Tees (Old Navy $8.94)
  3. Slub-Knit Double-Pocket Polos (Old Navy $10.94)
  4. California Polo One-Piece (Gymboree Sale $18.87)
  5. Plaid Madras One-Piece (Gap $26.95)
  6. Infant Toddler Boys’ Cargo Jean Short (Target $9)
  7. Roll-Up Cargos (Old Navy Sale $12)
  8. Belted Shorts (Old Navy $14.94)



  1. Yellow Stripe Gray Dot Sash Ruffle Neck Dress (Lolly Wolly Doodle $32)
  2. Fluttery Flowers Dress (Gymboree Sale $27.97)
  3. Smocked-Poplin Printed Blouses (Old Navy Sale $18)
  4. Floral Organza Dress (Gymboree Sale $31.47)
  5. Ruffle-Front Sleeveless Dresses (Old Navy $16.94)
  6. Flutter-Sleeve Boho Top (Old Navy Sale $9)
  7. Girls Lace-Trim Leggings (Old Navy Sale $7)
  8. Girls Belted Twill Shorts (Old Navy Sale $14)
  9. Girls Denim Shorts (Old Navy Sale $12)
  10. Bow Straight Leg Jean (Gymboree Sale $23.07)


Baby Girl

  1. Yellow Stripe Navy Dot Ruffle Tie Dress (Lolly Wolly Doodle $29)
  2. Mixed-Print Pleated Sundresses (Old Navy $19.94)
  3. Eyelet Bubble One-Pieces (Old Navy $16.94)
  4. Smocked Rompers (Old Navy Sale $10)
  5. Lace-trim Leggings (Gap $12.95)
  6. Bubble Shorts (Old Navy Sale $12)



  1. Old Navy Outfit
  2. Men’s Slim-Fit Military-Style Shirts (Old Navy $29.94)
  3. Nautica Shirt, Long Sleeve Cloth Plaid Shirt (Macy’s Sale $19.99)
  4. Men’s Short-Sleeve Linen-Blend Shirts (Old Navy $24.94)
  5. Tommy Hilfiger Spark Check Shirt (Macy’s $69.50)



  1. Chiffon and Chevron Yellow Marine Top (Modern Vintage Boutique $38)
  2. Heavenly Chevron Maxi Dress NAVY (Modern Vintage Boutique $46)
  3. Rhondi Zipper Detail Top (Sexy Modest Boutique $28.99)
  4. CHEVON-STRIPED BLOUSE (New York and Company $39.95)
  5. Hi-Lo Dress (Gap $64.95)
  6. Women’s Sleeveless Striped Dresses (Old Navy $34.94)
  7. Kenzie Chevron Top (Sexy Modest Boutique $19.99)
  8. METALLIC-STRIPE BLOUSE (New York and Company $44.95)
  9. Blue & White Lace Appliqué Sleeveless Dress (Zulily $24.99)
  10. Dolman Button-up Top (Gap $49.95)

Happy Matching! What color scheme should we do next?