Meet the Great Griffins

We are the Great Griffin Family: Brian (Daddy), Marghee (Mommy), Eliann (Little Lady), David (Davy-Baby), Pierce (Piercey-McShnu) and a potential fourth child we aren’t quite sure we are having yet but talk about enough that it deserves mentioning. We are a fun young family excited to promote a positive view of marriage and family living for this generation. We got married young, had children young and are learning what it means to be a God honoring family as we go.

Our heart beats for Christ, our family and building connections with people in fun ways. We read a lot, host a lot and try a lot of fun things with our family that we would love for you to try with us too!


Why Great Griffins?

Let me just say that I don’t like the fact that our blog name tries to make us sound “great.” If we are being honest, we aren’t great at all. In fact my husband and I both married sinners! What? It’s true… you may have too. Then we produced three little sinners and we are learning forgiveness and mercy daily as we all try to live under one roof. The beauty in all our chaos is that Brian and I chose to accept Christ as our personal Savior. He intercedes for us daily and helps us to love each other even when we are unlovable. The fact that we trust in Him allows us to rejoice and any perceived “greatness” we may exude comes from the fact that you may be catching a glimpse of God’s goodness in us. Ultimately, I think God cares about our hearts and if you read below you’ll see our name is rooted in the spirit of fun and not in one of pride.

The name for our family blog “Great Griffins” originated in the competitive spirit of Fantasy Football several years ago. Brian joined a league with his ex-college roommate, Austin Duncklee, and this was the name he chose for our team… and yes my husband is a fat-head so the name does come with a we are going to dominate and win it all kind of an attitude attached to it. Incidentally we did win the SUPERBOWL with our Fantasy Team that year. So the name stuck for the leagues we joined the next year and was solidified when we visited the Duncklee’s on our first family vacation in 2011, a road trip up and down California we like to call the Griffin California Adventure, and their home welcomed us with a sign we will never forget:

GCA 086

From then on we were the Great Griffin Family which was later shortened to the Great Griffins at Marghee’s 25th Birthday, a Couples Minute To Win It Birthday Party where couples were encouraged to come up with a team name and arrive in a coordinating uniform to play, and the rest is history!


Meet Brian

October 2010 047

Brian is truly a man’s man. He loves God, his beautiful wife, his wonderful kids and his country. He also loves all things sports… especially football. Learn More.

Meet Marghee

July 2011 576A

Marghee loves connecting with people, hosting events and eating sweets. She thanks God she sometimes gets paid to pull off doing all three at the same time. Haha! Learn More.

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  1. MARGHEE Post author

    Thanks friends! I am excited for this fun process to unfold. Glad you’ll be reading along with us… send us updates about your family fun too :)


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