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Brian is the head of our home. He is a loving husband and father. He loves coming home and spending time with his family: helping get dinner on the table or wrangling the kids outside to give Mommy some space. He loves to read… like he really LOVES to read… he can’t put a book down to save his life. He also enjoy’s Game Nights and playing board games that involve strategy.

He is a man’s man, but don’t get me wrong he talks just as much as his wife. If you want to talk finances, books, movies, music, history or sports then he’s your guy! He loves competition. And of course he is a trash talker. Oh yes… a BIG trash talker. Don’t ask him about cars or computers though because those are not strengths listed on his Man Card.

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He loves to eat… which is a dilemma for him because he would also like to stay fit. He has develped a pretty interesting cycle: every 18 months or so he diets, works out and looses about 20 pounds in a couple of months. Then over the course of the next 18 months (in the past corresponding with his wife’s pregnancies) he gains it back. Then the cycle repeats. Another cycle Brian has fun with is his ability to grow pretty sweet facial hair.


If Brian sets his mind to a goal… any goal, be it losing 20 lbs or getting his MBA, you know for a fact he WILL follow through. He has one of the most determined goal achieving personalities you will ever meet. Which gives our family full confidence when we trust in him to lead our home.

Brian's MBA Grad 049A  LDP Selectees Announced 2013

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