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Marghee is the second in command. She is a loving wife and awesome mother of three funny kids. She loves the opportunity she has to be a stay-at-home Mom who also works part time for her church with the young married’s ministry. When she isn’t hosting an event she is busy planning who her family will hang out with next. Can you tell she is a true extrovert? Energized by being with others.

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She loves her college sweetheart Brian! Together they have created a beautiful home and are growing a fun loving family. They serve in ministry together encouraging young married couples and families in their walk with the Lord and in finding joy being married!

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She loves her kids… they seriously crack her up. The things they say and do are too funny not to share. She reads a lot of books and articles on parenting and family fun. She has found real joy, peace and fulfillment in being a Mom… something Marghee never gave much thought to growing up.

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She has resolved to increase the priority of cooking for her family… which in part means learning to cook and trying new recipes. She would never say she can’t cook because who can’t follow a recipe? But what needed to change was how she viewed cooking and the priority it had in her life as a way to serve her family.

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Other things Marghee really likes include: Taking pictures. Jumping in pictures. Celebrating birthdays (especially her own). Hosting events: game nights, ladies night out/in, family movie nights, panini nights, any kind of night really, play dates, etc. Sweets, especially chocolate, and she fully believes in eating them whenever possible. Hot Falmin’ Cheetos. Being crafty… including decorating, scrapbooking and canvas painting. Shopping for her kids clothing especially if she can coordinate their outfits… she can’t leave Target or Gymboree without these. Everything Fall: the smells, the décor, the clothes, the food, the activities (pumpkin patches and apple picking), etc. Everything organization… she would love to live at the Container Store… everything should have a contained place. Sushi (aka. California Rolls and if she is feeling adventurous she’ll try whatever crazy thing her husband ordered).

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